Thanks to the the huge and overwhelming exposure to smartphones we are no longer habituated to wait for anything. We can really get anything instantly done in our handheld device screen. Well, cheque payment is no longer away from this digital revolution. We can get cheque delivered online and even can print it for offline transaction. Don't raise your eyebrows with the question whether it's secure or not. Yes, while it allows you to pay your bills instantly, it does not come with any security glitches. It is actually more secure than your so called offline transactions. Here we explain 8 reasons to opt for printing check online.

  • It's Actually Money Saving

    There is hardly any business that doesn't want to save money on regular expenses. Well, by sending check online and facilitating printing it anywhere you can save all the costs of postage, extra cheque book requests, envelops, etc. Not only that but this easy and elementary tool evacuates the cost of overpriced tools like decollators and bursters. It also saves a business from the hassle of dropping cheque at post boxes. Simply WOW!

  • Saving Productive Time

    Don't you think all the time required for requesting cheque books, mail boxing and processing the cheques take a lot of productive time? Yes, they do and this is why it is smarter to send cheques online that can be printed only when it's needed. The wonders are not limited, you can import cheque just with a mere click and thus save precious time. Such functionality can be useful of payroll cheques in big organizations.

    Moreover, you can even receive cheque’s full tax report that you have written in past year in just few clicks. It's a lot faster solution.

  • Improving Efficiency

    In most businesses cheques play a crucial role in disbursing payments for vendors, customers, suppliers, associates and clients. But with online cheque you can pay them in a fast paced and efficient way. The application enables to print more than cheque per page, will cheque-sign automatically and sends to various printers in just one click – thus this solution is a boost to company’s efficiency and productivity. Moreover, this professional touch helps you save from errors like information being misread, and can avoid the human error of reading and writing.

  • No Question Of Uncertainty

    When it comes to payment through cheques, there is always the uncertainty of getting it lost or being delayed in delivery. With eCheques in place, that uncertainty is a matter of the past now.

  • Replacing Hard Cash

    Most businesses find it comfortable to transact cashlessly and online cheques offer them a huge opportunity to do so. With online cheques at your command for any kind of transaction, you can reduce the cash transactions to a minimum.

  • Do Not Need To Make Chequebook Request

    With online cheques, you have unlimited cheques at your disposal and can completely do away with the chequebook requests.

  • No Fraud, No Error

    Cheque signatures are always vulnerable to fraud and other on-cheque texts and figures are always vulnerable to errors leading to cancellation. Not just that the cheque printing software is equipped with features like Password protection and data backup. It makes sure that the cheques are printed when required and thus eliminates the possibility of cheque fraud. With online cheque you are in total command and can prevent all such vulnerabilities.

  • Convenience

  • Anytime Anywhere Cheque Transaction

    You can send online cheques and receive them anytime anywhere across all sorts of web enabled devices including the smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet. This allows making payment anytime and anywhere with internet connectivity in place.

  • Unlimited Number Of Cheques

    Put aside the trauma of limited no of cheques while using traditional bank cheques with the cheque printing software. It makes sure that you never run out of cheques, along with legibility. The software eliminates the need for review, and increases the overall ease of use. Moreover, the problem of getting new cheques when you change the bank also eliminates. Thus now you can focus on your business productivity.